Spraying robot comes with hose reel and is designed to spray plants at high levels. Two spraying beams reach up to 3m. The first one sprays the end of ridge and another sprays both sides. Beams are equipped with adjustable nozzle heads for individual stream setting. The device moves on heating pipes. Depending on the model, it winds up to 200m of hose. Innovative system of driveline and winding reel provides complete synchronization during work. Automatic charger charges the battery preventing it from overcharging. Battery life lasts 9 hours. Undercarriage is equipped with driving system for smooth row change. Wheels are hydraulically propounded and the device is navigated by PLC driver. PLC driver allows us to set the route, speed and appropriate beam. It counts working hours and also controlls the battery level. Charging station allows us to charge the battery without stopping the device.


Motor power: 0.5kW

Winding reel power: 0,14kW

Working pressure: 40BAR

Maximum hose length: 200m

Dimensions: 1700mmx700mm

Weight: 280kg

Menu in: PL,ENG,FR,ROS