The robot smootlhy travels on heating pipelines being driven by an electric motor. The spraying robot is moved to the end of row and starts spraying from there heading for the walkway in greenhouses, which enables uniform spraying and maximum speed of the operation which nowadays is efficient only of is carried out immediately after a seed of the pland disease is detected.


Length 2150mm                                                                                             Smooth start and stop operations 

Wirth 642 mm                                                                                                 Counter hours worked

Height 1200 mm                                                                                             Remote device to stop the machine during operation

Weight 235 kg                                                                                                The ability to save routes

Tank capacity 200l                                                                                         Welded steel construction

Motor power 0,5 kW                                                                                       Warranty of 12 month or 200 hours of work

Maximum operating pressure of 40 bar                                                       Declaration of Conformity

Maximum performance 40l/min                                                                    2x 42Ah batteries (12V Bergen)

Driving speed 0-85 m/min                                                                             Wheels CTC according to the order 

Engine power 6,5 HP (205 cm3) Briggs and Stratton Vanguard